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Before the summer we gave 8 groups of student of HZ University Of Applied Sciences the assignment to make a promotional video for the Flexpackerz app.
We promised them that we would use the best video in the app stores, so potential users can see what flexpackerz is about before they download the app.

The intructions for the assigment were as follows:

Make a combination of:
1. explaining the app, simular to the Mailchimp video:
2. interview digital nomads, simular to the Couchsurfing video:

Explain at least the following key features:
– find a place to work (via both map and list)
– Check-in to a location
– Rate a location for WiFi, Coffee, Powerplugs and the overall Suitability for remote working
– See who else is working in the same location
– Check someone’s profile and send a coffee invite

Make sure for the interviews:
…that you explore the city, visit locations where digital nomads like to work and interview them. Link the interview questions to the explanation of the app features and keep it short and clear. Also we want the reactions to be genuine.

In august we made a selection of our top 3 best video’s and asked our facebook followers to select a winner for us. The video with the most like would win. Luckily our followers were really clear about which video they find the best one. So, we are happy to share the winning video with you:

Thank you Jolanda Le, Cynthia Louws and Milan Vos for making this great video. We are proud to present it as our promotional video in the app stores.

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