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Working from home: when it’s not so easy

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Here at Flexpackerz, we’re all for making your remote work experience as pleasant as it can be. So, we thought it wise to share this right now:

It is ok to be struggling while working from home!

A while ago we gave you some tips on our Instagram, with ideas on what to do for our businesses, and for ourselves, during the Corona-virus quarantine. Obviously, we are also aware of the hardships everyone is facing right now.

Even though our team is used to working remotely, trust me when I say it has been quite challenging for us too:

What should we focus on? How will this affect us? What kind of value can we provide to our community? How can we make our work more effective?

But most of all, we’ve all realized that working from home, in these conditions, was not as easy as it seemed. Between endless video calls, homeschooling and peer pressure, our schedules and habits have already been twisted and turned a million times.

Productivity, hustle and comparison

Whether you live with someone who is also working from home, or simply caught up in an Instagram loop, you might have felt a whole lot of pressure to be productive. We can’t help but comparing ourselves to others.

They woke up early, I stayed in bed.

They’ve ticked 5 items on their to-do, I only one.

They look super busy and organized, I feel overwhelmed…

Since the beginning of the lockdown, you’ve probably seen somewhere, someone encouraging you to start a side hustle, to write a book like Shakespeare supposedly wrote King Lear during the plague, or to start your own bakery at home. While this is a good thing for the ones who can and want to do it, it has put a lot of people in a self-criticism spiral, for not being productive enough.

The extra time we’re supposed to have

Another thing that has been said again and again while incentivizing people to work on various projects, is “Use that extra time to…” (fill in the blank).

If you’ve been working remotely for a while, you might actually have saved a five-minute commute to your favorite coworking space. Some professionals would argue it gives you twenty-five more minutes per week, and roughly two more hours per month.

Our guess is that you would probably love to trade back that extra time for your daily commute, just to get out of the house and clear your head.

If you did save a lot of commuting time, you might find yourself even busier than before, because the pile of work is never ending anyway or because your colleagues just keep planning these video conference calls.

If you have a family working with you, you might have realized that dealing with your own business, your kids and the never-ending question “What are we going to eat for dinner” was quite a challenge.

And if you do have “extra time”, it might be dedicated to coping with this crazy situation and helping others. So, it is all relative.

This is not a “normal” working-from-home situation

A quote has been going around on social media since the beginning of the lockdown, stating that this is not a “normal” working-from-home situation. People were not really “working from home” but merely trying to adjust and work during a global pandemic.

This is indeed not the casual working from home situation. We’re all concerned about the present moment, and about what’s coming next. How will our world look like? When will we feel a sense of normalcy again? Is that the new normal?

Let’s put things in perspective here. Some people adjusted to remote working quite easily, and for some it might take months. Some of us, yet used to working from home, have also found it difficult to keep going.

Our advice: Don’t compare yourself with others – every situation is unique, so is every mental state.

Try to find the right balance between your needs, your family’s and your work priorities. You can read and watch as many how to’s on working from home, they’ll never be a substitute for your own way of dealing with this crisis. Focus on that.

Above all, don’t hesitate to reach out to local communities: they can answer your questions, and so can you! 🙂

If you’re from Rotterdam, you can also join our Facebook group Coworking Rotterdam, where we share online events, as well as our tips & insecurities regarding this unique time.

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