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Let’s turn every place into a coworking space!

The Flexpackerz app is all about working anywhere, meeting new people and seizing opportunities.

We plan to map every suitable place to work from, anywhere in the world, and turn it into a vibrant coworking space!

Whether it’s a work cafe, library, flexible office or an actual co-working space, if the community says it’s a good workspot, we will add it to the Flexpackerz app.

Just make sure to check-in wherever you work, so we can connect you to the local coworking community.

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& start making the world your office!



Help others to find your favorite places to work from or register a place that you own or represent.

Check out the core features of the Flexpackerz app:

Find all kinds of workspaces

Ranging from cafes, lunchrooms and hotel lobbies, to libraries, flexible offices and coworking spaces. We will guide you there.

Network or co-work with friends

Check-in and leave your digital business card, network & meetup with nearby users and get notified when friends or colleagues check-in 

Save your favorite places

Get quick access to your favorite work-spaces, keep track of what’s happening there or use this feature to save locations that you wish to visit. 

Get discounts & special offers

Search for special offers from premium locations, like coffee deals or discounts on various memberships. You can even request an offer yourself. 

Leave messages on the pin board

Every location has it’s own community pinboard where you can share messages, ask questions and leave your business card. 

Private chat & meetup planner

Start a chat with your connections, plan a meetup with the build-in meetup planner or send nearby users an invite to meet in person.   

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